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The Future, By Jingo! James Rickon

The Future, By Jingo!

James Rickon

Kindle Edition
627 pages
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 About the Book 

Anarchists, airships and dynamite bullets, it’s The Future, By Jingo!Bringing together two classics of late Victorian science fiction for the first time, George Griffith’s The Angel of the Revolution and Ignatius Donnelly’s Caesar’s Column along with a new introduction to the texts by James Rickon, The Future, By Jingo! presents a dramatic and dystopian world of tomorrow as imagined over a hundred years ago.With wonders and horrors to both enthral and repulse the tastes of the late Victorian reader, from cities powered by the Aurora Borealis, to newspapers with moving images to ‘dynamite bullets’, poison gas and, of course, airships, this is a collection that any steampunk or historical fiction enthusiastic will not want to miss!