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World Government - Utopian Dream or Current Reality Raymond Converse

World Government - Utopian Dream or Current Reality

Raymond Converse

Published March 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780875867649
192 pages
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 About the Book 

Are we on the way to having a global government, and if so, should we embrace it?The work explores the feasibility of establishing a world government. It begins with an analysis of a short book written in 1967 that came to the conclusion that a world government was not feasible, and refutes that view using the Constitutional debates that fired up this countrys best minds in 1789. The author looks at elements in todays international environment and speculates that a unified world government may not only be possible but may be the best way to ensure global peace. Arguing that a world government may be the best hope for addressing major problems facing the world, that is, poverty, global warming, global trade, the lack of financial regulation, and others, the author approaches the reasons for a world government and the steps necessary to institute it.Total disarmament must come first, he says, and he outlines what might be required to meet that desirable state. Questions of local sovereignty versus global rights and responsibilities are explored in a nontechnical way, opening the discussion to readers who are concerned about the future but who may not be experts in the areas of Political Science or Economics. Obstacles and opportunities are brought to light in a manner that will allow the reader to make his own decisions about what steps ought to be taken. A sample constitution is offered to allow a beginning point for discussion.