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Sunset Bay Hypnotic Anna Samuels

Sunset Bay Hypnotic

Anna Samuels

Kindle Edition
30 pages
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 About the Book 

Sunset BayWhen Jade Daniels visits Sunset Bay for a working holiday, she is surprised to bump into an old flame from college. Ryder Day was Jade’s first encounter with another woman and she has never forgotten the experience, despite it ending badly.Jade and Ryder catch up and discover they still share common interests and more significantly, a mutual attraction still burns.Is there an opportunity for a second chance? Find out in…Sunset Bay.HypnoticWhen Maddie Burns meets Alex Strider, she is instantly captivated by her. She cannot seem to forget the hypnotic eyes which Alex possesses…eyes which begin to haunt her dreams. As Maddie’s boss, Alex is in no position to begin a relationship with Maddie. After a stolen kiss, the two women find themselves fighting to keep the attraction between them just that. How long will they be able to resist? Find out in…Hypnotic.