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Cupid in Camo (Camo Trilogy, #2) J.D. Wylde

Cupid in Camo (Camo Trilogy, #2)

J.D. Wylde

Kindle Edition
200 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Crystal Rose McDermott only knows how to do one thing. Model. Well, maybe two things. Lying comes as easily to her as breathing. She’s done it all her life. She’s lied about her age, her experience. But no amount of lying will change the fact she’s getting older, nearing the end of her career as the top fallen angel for Sinfully Sexy, the hottest lingerie company in the country. And theyve put her on waivers because of her weight! Her future is uncertain- her career in crisis. With no place to hide from the rumors, she escapes New York City to Nowhere, West Virginia to lose the extra pounds. All she wants is one more year at the top. And if it means a few more lies about who she is, or what she does, well, she’s more than willing to do or say whatever it takes to be the top fallen angel for one more year.A.J. Cummings has hidden his handicap behind a wall of lies. Few know of the brain trauma that has taken part of his eyesight, robbing the two-time Olympic gold medalist of his professional downhill skiing career and a normal life. He’s doing well at keeping it hidden… until he meets a mysterious woman from New York City. Crystal Rose. She fascinates him. At a time in his life when he needed a purpose, she’s given him one: to make her see him for who he really is. Too bad, he’s lied about that, leading her to believe he was Allen James, a worker at the gym and not the owner of the ski resort she’s staying at. Or the owner of Donner Mountain Intimates, a line of camouflaged lingerie she’s agreed to model in his Valentine’s Day show.Despite the lies, A.J. and Crystal do not deny the passion that ignites between them. A passion that soon turns to love. But can their newfound love survive when the lies are exposed and truth is told?