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Los Diary Pera Pia Pia Pera

Los Diary Pera Pia

Pia Pera

ISBN : 9780330348799
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Oh that I were a woman writer and could paint Lolita in a naked light..., Humbert Humbert says in Vladimir Nabokovs Lolita. Now, in Pia Peras controversial new book, Lolita speaks for herself in her own naked voice. Listening to her tale, readers enter a universe in which events, apparently the same as in Nabokovs novel, are radically different. Truths clash, collide, and ultimately diverge.Nabokovs Lolita is not Lolitas story, but her seducers. The Lolita of that novel is a projection of Humberts erotic imagination. Los Diary tells her story in her own voice, bringing into question the version told by her seducer in his account.Los Diary is an investigation into the myth that is Lolita. In Pia Peras novel, Lolita uncovers her true self and tells us everything Humbert never told, never saw, and never imagined.